For adolescents

We provide evaluation, counseling, parenting skills, and family therapy. We work with adolescents with depression, bipolar disorder, self-mutilation, poor self-esteem, anxiety disorders, OCD, school difficulties, adjustment disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, and other issues.


For adults

We provide evaluation, individual counseling, couples counseling, and family therapy. We work with adults with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders (including OCD, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and hoarding), self-esteem issues, adjustment disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, and issues.


For couples

We provide a safe place to work on relationship issues. We can help facilitate resolution to ongoing problems, help you make important decisions, or help you get through the process of divorce or ending a relationship.


For families

We work to help you change the way you interact with one another so you can achieve more satisfying relationships and come to a better understanding of other people in your family. Counseling can lead to understanding how the way you act affects the actions of others.










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